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Moving to Ladue
SPRING 2022!

We are still located in Kirkwood. Unless you receive a call,

 your current appointment will remain in Kirkwood! 
New Location Address Opening Date TBA Soon:

The Village of Schneithorst 

1588 S Lindbergh Ste 1 63124


Due to COVID-19, all Sol Sunless Tan clients must use the FRONT ENTRANCE on S. Kirkwood Rd. You can park on the street (southbound only) and you can park in parking spots adjacent to our building on Monroe. Please note the back entrance is for yoga clients ONLY.  


Custom TANs

Our tans are organic, vegan, cruelty free and created with all naturally derived  ingredients.

Single Tans: $45



Bronze Member: 2 Tans $75/mo

Gold Member: 4 Tans $100/mo

Unlimited Tans : $120/mo

Tan Packages:

5 Tans for $200

10 Tans for $350

Mystic KYss & Versaspa pro


To The Ladue Location!!!

Single Booth Tans: $30

Booth Memberships:

Bronze Booth Member: 2 Tans $40/mo

Gold Booth Member: 4 Tans $60/mo

Unlimited Booth Tans : $75/mo

Booth Tan Packages:

5 Booth Tans for $125

10 Booth Tans for $180


We offer all natural, spray tan safe post products to ensure the longevity of your uv free sunless tan.



Welcome to Sol, an organic sunless tanning studio. We offer flawless, custom spray tans using modern hvlp spray tanning machines. Our talented spray tan artists are efficient, helpful, and knowledgeable. If you have never experienced a custom spray tan you may be very hesitant to try us. Please know that our number one priority is making our clients feel comfortable. Please take the time to read some of the do's and do not's of sunless tanning to ensure you are fully prepared for your appointment!

Do shower the night before or morning of your sunless tan. You will not be able to shower or wash your face for 8 hours after your tan. Shaving is not necessary. Some people prefer to wait and shave after their first initial shower.

Do wear loose fitting clothing. Anything tight and restricting can create lines such as bra straps, jeans, flip flops etc. Be prepared to leave bra less if you are sprayed bra less. We recommend bringing a change of old clothes.And yes, you can be sprayed nude. No one here will be offended!

Do feel free to apply dry make-up after your appointment.

Do use spray tan safe post products to ensure the longevity of your sunless tan.

Do not wear white after your appointment. The solution is water soluble but we do not want to ruin your favorite articles of clothing.


Do not wear freshly applied lotion, deodorant, makeup, etc. We want a clean slate so that nothing interferes with the absorption process!   Do not apply lotion right after your appointment either!

Do not make nail appointments, waxing appointments, or hair appointments after your tanning appointment. Wait until the next day or make your tan appointment last!

Do not participate in domestic work at home such as laundry, dishes, feeding animals or children. Not really, just be careful when switching laundry loads, dish loads, or refilling water bowls! Water spots can create problems.

Do not go out in the rain, swim, or get wet in any way!

If you have any question we did not answer, please feel free to call us! We look forward to spraying you soon!


Bobbi Baker
Rebecca Hale
Lauren Pennock
Anna Pauly


200 S Kirkwood Rd Ste 140 Kirkwood MO 63122


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